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The Resurrection in KorceOne of Albania’s most beautiful cities, Korce is a picturesque place, in a wonderful natural setting in a basin of the Morava Mountains. With its Mediterranean-influenced climate, intriguing history and mix of different ethnic peoples, it’s one of the liveliest and most intoxicating towns in the country.

69,000 people make up the population of this mid-sized town, most of whom are Albanian, though there are significant numbers of Romanians and Slavs, as well. Unlike other countries in the Balkans, at Korce the population has lived together harmoniously for decades, and this stability has led to its development as one of Albania’s fastest-growing economic centers too.

In addition to its thriving commerce, Korce is a culturally rich town with several interesting sites for visitors to enjoy. Many events and exhibitions take place at the town’s three main museums; the National Museum of Archeology, the Museum of Medieval Art and the Oriental Museum. Like most places in the Balkins too, Korce has a vast number of small historic landmarks, set amid its lovely countryside too.

Korce also has a lively theater scene, with many captivating performances being put on by some of the country’s best performing artists year round. We recommend the Andon Zako Cajupi Theatre, the best place in the city for all manner of theater entertainment. Also worth a look is the Guri Madhi Art Gallery, which displays some interesting photo and painting exhibitions.

Korce Albania

The biggest attractions in Korce however, are its numerous festivals for which the town is famous throughout the region. While the festive atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed, Korce becomes especially joyful during the carnivals and fairs that seem to be an ever-present feature. Check out the Pie Fest, the main attraction during the summer, which takes place in July, followed closely by the August Beer Fest, and preceded by June’s Summer Carnival.

Other lively events worth seeing include the Mio’s Days festival, held in Autumn, which celebrates the art works of the one of Albania’s most famous ever painters – Vangjush Mio – while the Santa’s Parade at the end of the year is the main event in winter. No matter what time of year you visit beautiful Korce, you’ll find Albania’s richest treasure waiting – the wonderful people who live and work in these amazing cities and villages.

Korce Shopping Center

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