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Historical Museum of Shkodra (Muzeu Historik i Shkodrës)

The Historical Museum of Shkodra (Muzeu Historik i Shkodrës) was founded in 1949, based on collections gathered by the Jesuits and Franciscan monks at the end of the XIXth century, and also on private collections donated by families of Shkodrër. The museum is housed inside a monumental XIXth century building, the massive family house of Osa Kuka, a wealthy middle-class merchant.

The house itself is as interesting as the museum: surrounded by fortified walls, the building is a typical merchant’s home, attesting Shkodra significant role as a prime merchants’ city along the ancient trade route between the Mediterranean sea and Kosovo. The Osa Kuka was constructed in 1815, and has been restored to its old state.

Inside, the museum exhibits typically ornate guest rooms, and a basement with a small archeology exhibition featuring an early Christian Plate of David, and artifacts from the Greek and Roman periods. In the garden you’ll also find a Roman tomb and a Venetian stone well.

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